A more inclusive and sustainable future, one social enterprise at a time.

Since inception in 2015, we have worked with over 90 social enterprise startups across 30+ countries.

SocialFarm is leasing land and training smallholder farmers in Ghana. Many of our other startups like Electrocook and Arusha Women Entrepreneurs are also employing marginalised groups and giving them economic opportunity.

Farming Data is leveraging mobile technology to improve market access for farmers in Colombia, enabling them to sell their products more easily than ever before. eMsika is running an online platform that helps 2,000 Zambian farmers secure essential supplies and equipment.

Bempu Health developed a bracelet for babies that alerts parents of hypothermia. They have now served over 28,000 newborns and saved 500 lives. Beat Drone is working with the Nigerian government to disinfect communities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

BAG Innovation has successfully created a vibrant educational and job-matching community in Rwanda that equips students with essential job skills. Medha has trained over 18,000 students in India, with alumni witnessing 38% income growth in two years.

Du Anyam employs women from rural Indonesia to produce wicker craft products, managing to increase the women’s income by 40% and distribute scholarships to the children and grandchildren of accomplished wicker-crafting women. Mekong Quilts employed over 200 women in rural Vietnam producing a variety of handicrafts. Helen’s Daughters is training rural women to run agribusinesses in Saint Lucia.

Alternative Waste Technologies makes use of waste to produce eco-friendly and low-cost charcoal briquettes in Kenya. Natfort Energy customises the design and installation of solar PV in Zimbabwe. Nafa Naana‘s improved cookstoves and solar kits have saved households in Burkina Faso over €8m and helped avoid 120,000 tonnes on carbon emissions. Electrocook and Pearl Entrepreneurs Academy are also providing clean energy solutions to households.

ARED has developed mobile solar kiosks that allow people to access a range of services such as bus ticketing, phone charging, intranet, microcredit, and government services.

Tracking our Performance

We survey the entrepreneurs working with us on a regular basis. The feedback we receive helps us continuously improve.

Feedback from the startup cohort in 2019/20 indicates that mentorship from industry professionals was important in guiding the analysis delivered by student teams.


Startups satisfied + very satisfied by overall experience


Startups satisfied + very satisfied by support from mentor


Startups somewhat + very likely to recommend BfE

Theory of Change

Our approach brings together students, professionals and social entrepreneurs to a clear mission.


Collaborate with early-stage social entrepreneurs in the developing world to scale business ventures and empower local communities.


We bring together a global network of high calibre students, young professionals and social entrepreneurs passionate about bringing positive social change.


Students and professionals run our Incubation Programme, in which social entrepreneurs receive pro bono support on business, financial, legal and technical issues.


We deliver market research, growth strategies, product designs, legal briefings, financial models, and more. Every team member learns from the process.


Entrepreneurs get to rely on our research and advice to navigate their business challenges, and hopefully scale up their operations.


Entrepreneurs develop a lasting impact in their communities through their business, and the BfE team members continue to shine in their career.

Startup Testimonials