As a global community of students and professionals,
we give pro-bono advice to social entrepreneurs seeking to grow their ventures, creating a more inclusive and sustainable future.

What we do

We provide a 6-12 month incubation programme to selected social enterprise startups. Entirely free of charge.


Startups will be paired with student consulting teams that will research and advise in an area that requires strategic support

finance advisory

Tailored advice that helps startups better position themselves to potential investors and other funding sources

legal advisory

Startups can direct any questions relating to legal issues ranging from regulation to tax and licensing 

Who we are

We are a global community of students and professionals brought together by a shared sense of purpose.

Student Teams

The incubation programme is run by students across multiple BfE Chapters, in Cambridge, Singapore, New York, and Sydney. 

BfE Network

We connect professionals from a variety of industries, acting as mentors to both students and social entrepreneurs.

Why we do this

We see a world where entrepreneurs, students and professionals can become agents of enduring social impact, regardless of their career aspirations.


From some of the 50+ startups that BfE supported in the past few years.

If you believe in your idea and yourself, apply to BfE. If you get accepted, this means you too are lucky to have consultancy work from this extremely professional and great team! Your success here!




The BfE team is extremely supportive and keen to engage and support the consulting assignment. The consulting team was good. The team was able to work on a broad range of ideas as well as drill down on a few specific ideas.


Patients Engage,


Your team is doing exceptional work. Startups, especially in social sector, require a lot of hand holding and support. By supporting these startups, you are helping them multiply their impact. It is very thoughtful of you to support such initiatives.




I am very impressed with BfE'shelp in managing the engagement, the relationships, and the project. Very professional and thoughtful work. Givo has definitely benefited from the brains of the consulting team, and we are now ready to implement many of these recommendations.​



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