EVOL Vietnam

Plastic waste bricks for tiny-houses

Image of a tiny house made with eco bricks made up of compressed plastic waste.

Business & Impact

EVOL Vietnam produces Eco Bricks made of plastic waste from Spain and Vietnam to make tiny houses in low-income communities. EVOL Vietnam also services these houses and conducts workshops on problems caused by single-use plastic waste.

The Challenge

The team lacked industry and technical knowledge of tiny houses, including safety considerations and efficient production processes. In light of Eco Bricks’ flammability and support, the team also lacked clarity on why building tiny houses is the best solution instead of other amenities.

Our Strategy

The BfE Singapore Consulting Team conducted thorough research on market trends (e.g. similar products, Vietnam’s addressable market, challenges, and competitor analyses) and developed a sustainable operational model. The Team also enlisted the assistance of the Finance Advisory Team in the areas of financial modelling and forecasting, as well as investor pitching strategies.

Closer look or compressed plastic waste used to build the tiny houses.

Deliverables from BfE Singapore

  • Market Identification: The team conducted a strategic analysis of the market competition and market demand for Eco Bricks to inform the team on viable business models that EVOL Vietnam can adopt.
  • Developing a Sustainable Operational Model: Alternative structures that Eco Bricks can be used on include small-scale community facilities and public amenities. Furthermore, EVOL Vietnam aims to empower women and increase awareness through education to help advance EVOL Vietnam’s sustainable goals and social impact.
  • Fundraising Strategies: To defray capital costs, the BfE Singapore Finance Advisory Team proposed to raise funds through equity financing over the next 5 years.

How Jolly (EVOL Vietnam) benefitted from working with BfE

Through a comprehensive analysis of the situation, EVOL Vietnam was presented with 3 different strategies: the use of Eco Bricks for alternative structures and amenities, partnerships for social empowerment programs, and continued awareness-building on Eco Bricks in primary and secondary educational institutes.

BfE Singapore’s Consulting Team has also developed these strategies by taking into consideration best practices by local and international enterprises (e.g. Greyton Transition Town, Keep It Beautiful Vietnam (KIBV), and Terra SG), which made this consulting engagement extensively thorough.

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