Cookstoves supplied by PEA

Entrepreneur Elvis Kadhama (right) displaying one of his products

Pearl Entrepreneurs Academy

Supplying clean energy products to households living in poverty.

Pearl Entrepreneurs Academy (PEA) is a social enterprise based in Uganda that provides low-income households with clean energy products. PEA seeks to address the lack of access to electricity in rural communities by replacing dangerous and expensive energy sources with their high-quality and affordable products. PEA’s flexible payment system uniquely uses customised installment payments to reduce upfront costs, making clean energy accessible to low-income populations and distributing life-saving products in last-mile communities.

PEA completed the Bridges for Enterprise (BfE) Incubation Programme in May 2020. During the Finance Advisory engagement, BfE’s New York Chapter helped PEA better track and communicate its environmental impact by creating a robust financial tracking and impact measurement system.

Read this Medium blog post to learn more from Elvis Kadhama, Co-Founder of PEA, about his business and Finance Advisory engagement with the New York Chapter.