CEO Dr. Jacqui Poon (right) with farmers in Colombia

Farming Data

Improving market access for smallholder farmers using an accessible e-commerce platform.

Farming Data is an inclusive tech startup that aims to reduce food waste and improve market access for smallholder farmers in rural communities. Currently piloting in Colombia, they have developed an e-commerce platform called Listo, where farmers and buyers can easily sell and purchase produce. Their unique user-centric design process has allowed them to create an accessible digital marketplace that works effectively to combat market inefficiencies faced by rural farmers.

Farming Data underwent two Finance Advisory engagements with Bridges for Enterprise (BfE), firstly with the New York Chapter and later on with the Singapore Chapter. During these engagements, BfE associates helped Farming Data build a strong foundation in financial management by assisting them to conduct research and develop financial models.

Read this Medium blog post to learn more from Dr. Jacqui Poon, CEO and Co-Founder of Farming Data, about her business and Finance Advisory engagement with the Singapore Chapter.