Consultancy Workshop with Muqeet Majed

November 11, 2018 | Christos-Stavros Konstantopoulos

Last year, BfE Cambridge’s Consulting Team acted for the first time as an in-house student consultancy. To better fulfil this fledgling role, the Cambridge chapter organised a consultancy workshop last Sunday, November 4th. The workshop was open to all BfE members and was led by Muqeet Majed, the Head of BfE’s Global Incubation Programme and currently a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

Muqeet used examples from his experience to illustrate what the aim of a consulting engagement should be and shared some tips on how to carry out an engagement effectively. This included techniques to better organise our work, which he brought to life by sharing how his teams had applied them on projects. His insights were also interesting for BfE’s non-Consulting team members who attended the event, as applying them should help to smoothen the transition from Consulting to Finance Advisory within BfE’s Incubation Programme.

Muqeet kindly offered to run a practical exercise with the Consulting team, helping them tangibly apply his advice to kick-off an upcoming consulting engagement for a social enterprise. The team was able to better organise its plan for the engagement and walked away with a clearer understanding of key issues to prioritise. Improving our capabilities in this manner is a sign of things to come!

Looking ahead to our next workshop on Tuesday 13th November, we would like to thank Muqeet for his help and continued engagement with BfE. For it is passionate individuals like him that are behind BfE and help social entrepreneurs realise their ambition to create lasting social impact!