Retronix, Rwanda

January 2, 2017 | Hilary Muramira

Hilary Muramira is the founder of Retronix, a startup on the BfE Programme

“The race for jobs everywhere, passion to be my own boss and need for financial independence encouraged me to look for all possible alternatives that would allow me achieve financial independence. More to this, Rwanda has only 24% of the population connected to the national grid thus leaving the other 76% not connected and it looks at achieving 70% connectivity by 2018. This therefore posed a great opportunity for us to exploit by providing an off-grid energy solution. More so, the cost of installing a standalone solar system is high approximately 15USD and not a big number of citizens can afford thus providing a community energy solution is cost effective. It serves many people at time and the cost of installation affordable. It is for this reason that we will be installing a 20KW solar energy station in the western region of Rwanda in Nyabirasi sector to provide energy for businesses, households, schools, and health centers. This is intended to reduce on the number of people that commute long distances to charge their mobile phones, grind cereals, cut timber and other services that require electricity.”