Where Cambridge and Palestine meet

November 21, 2016 | Jeson Ng

Jeson Ng is the Vice-President of Bridges for Enterprise (2017). He was previously the BfE Startup Recruitment Director (2016).

Because of the intensity of our 8-week terms, it was easier for me to fall into the consuming academic and social calendar and shut out most other things. But of course, that is not to say that everyday struggles beyond the Cambridge bubble do not exist. During term, for instance, I read about the interface between feminine identity and Islam. But that is several steps removed from what it means in the contemporary lives of Middle Eastern women. 

Through Bridges for Enterprise, I interacted with Palestinian entrepreneurs and doctors who are trying to make it physically possible through an app for young mothers to own data about their pregnancies. The aim is that they will have the independent ability to carry and transfer data about a significant stage in their lives. A key feature of my outreach activities is that I am constantly reminded that the world ‘out there’ (i.e. beyond my perhaps self-imposed Cambridge bubble) is right here, teeming with solvable problems about real people’s lives and livelihoods.