Empowering social entrepreneurs

October 31, 2016 | Tanvi Ahuja

Husni Abu Samrah is the founder of Gravilog, a startup on the BfE PTanvi Ahuja is a Partner at Bridges for Enterprise Network. She was previously a Startup Recruitment Director at BfE (2016).

“Cambridge is an amazing place. It is filled with extremely bright students, is wonderfully picturesque, boasts academics who are leaders in their fields and well, looks like in a scene right out of Harry Potter. It’s the kind of place I knew when I entered that I wanted to make the most of time there. Part of this involves making a difference in the world, both now and in the future. Bridges has been an incredible way of doing now, empowering social enterprises to enter the market and make change. But it’s more than about now. Over the past three years, I have realized that my happiness stems from seeing positive results and smiles on people’s faces around me. I strive to build skills and a network of like-minded individuals that will enable me to make this world a better place. And I don’t know what this better place is yet. Small or big, local or global, the scope of making a difference doesn’t matter. I just know that it is something that is part of me, an attitude I bring with me in all aspects of life, be it academic, social or career.”