Passionate about improving Tanzania

October 24, 2016 | Peter Lukumayi

Peter Lukamayi is the BfE African representative. He is the co-founder of Tanzania Youth For Change, and is currently working at KPMG, Tanzania.

As captured in a book ‘Screw Business As Usual’ authored by Sir Richard Branson, we learn that big challenges in the world cannot be solved by one person. We have seen different world organisations being formed to counter different worldly problems and pleasing enough many countries participate being part of these organisations to help in bringing solutions to these problems. Some countries do not even suffer the same problems but again it’s under the spirit of working together that they feel part of bringing the solutions. Poverty and unemployment are bitter problems for most countries. But again both of these problems can be solved if we join hands to reveal the opportunities that Mother Nature has for every one of us.

Being born and raised in a third world country, I know what these problems mean. They are impeachments to the common goal that we have for everyone in the world. Poverty denies people of their rights to quality life while unemployment denies able and capable youths the chances to use their skills in expression of their talents. Growing up in the rural part of Tanzania, I grew up witnessing these problems every day of my life. Since then I felt that I will someday be part of the big solution. I saw light in my desire when I engaged into early non-profit institutions committed to bring solutions to different challenges facing my local societies when I was at University of Dar es salaam. Later I found out about Bridges for Enterprise then our desires intertwined and now I’m happy to be part of the big family, who bridge the gap between career success and making a difference in the world.

Being a team member of the community, I have not only been able to open doors for others but also for myself. Now I am part of the big network of influential people from whom I have learned many things. At Bridge for Enterprise we connect to Mentors, Consultants, Professional’s, Advisor’s and other critically important people around the world. I am happy to say I am constantly inspired and everyday I’m excited for every one, especially you reading this, to be part of what we do at Bridges for Enterprise.