BfE is an international non-profit organisation where exceptional people come together to help drive social change. This is also an organisation that values personal development and continuous learning. If you share the same vision as we do, we are excited to have you on our team and contribute to this meaningful cause. 

Why Join Us?

  1.  Be part of the solution to a variety of social problems by empowering social enterprise startups

  2. Gain skills and networks

  3. Meet like-minded individuals who share a common cause

  4. Learn from mentors who assist the projects that you are working on

  5. Be part of the BfE Network - a professional network which you will be invited to after serving in BfE. This is a place where you can continue to create lasting impact on the startups you are advising. 

  6. Leadership opportunities for those who want help even more entrepreneurs 

Available Positions

Students based in Europe, Middle East and Africa 

  • B.2 Communications (Rolling Application)

  • Recruitment for all roles is open until 17 Oct 2019

Students based in Asia

  • B.1 Growth and Partnerships Associates for students in Asia not based in Singapore (Rolling Application)

  • A.1 Consulting Associates for students based in Singapore  (Rolling Application)

  • A.2 Finance Advisory Associates for students based in Singapore  (Rolling Application)

  • Recruiting for other divisions in January and August

Students based in America

  • B.1 Growth and Partnerships Associates for students in America not based in New York (Rolling Application)

  • Recruiting for other divisions in January and September


Role Descriptions


A. BfE Incubation

A.1. Consulting Team 

  • Reach out to consulting societies in one of the 3 regions (Asia Pacific, Europe, America) to provide consulting services for our start-ups.

  • Design consultancy frameworks that will be used for startups that go through our programme.

  • Make links with established working consultants and gain exposure into consulting as a career.


A.2. Finance Advisory Team

  • Critically evaluate investment proposition, value and creditworthiness of the startups.

  • Advise startups on funding opportunities and how they can position themselves to secure funding.

  • Work with startups to project future revenue and cost streams.

  • Make links with established working finance professionals and gain exposure into consulting a finance career.


A.3. Legal Advisory Team 

  • Provide legal information needed by the startups. As the startups operate in different jurisdictions and industries, you will deal with an interesting range of legal concerns.

A.4. Technical Advisory Team

  • Advise startups with technical concerns, which may include addressing specific issues in products/models and using technology to enhance efficiency of operational procedures.

  • In partnership with Cambridge University Engineering Society (CUES).

B. BfE Outreach

B.1. Growth and Partnership Team

  • Forge strategic partnerships with other stakeholders in the eco-system to better help our social entrepreneurs 

  • Build strong mentor networks in local region

  • Grow BfE among student communities in local region 

B.2. Communications Team

  • Create an effective communication campaign for the entire non-profit organisation - involves either writing or designing (or both)

B.3. Startup Recruitment Team 

  • Form and maintain partnerships with organisations that develop startups (e.g. incubators) across the world. 

  • Liaise with startups in one of our 4 regions (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East).

  • Interview and screen startups to enter our programme.

C. BfE Impact Research

C.1. Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Track and evaluate the quality of work produced at BfE, the performance of our startups, and the social impact we create

  • Embrace transparency and hold BfE accountable to the work that we do

C.2. Entrepreneurship

  • Investigate the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs

  • Use those findings to improve BfE's incubation programme, and release relevant resources to entrepreneurs


C.3. Startup Financing

(This is currently under the realm of the finance advisory team, which also develops reference materials to help fund startups)

C.4. Data Analytics Team

  • Develop innovative ways to tackle business problems with data science, generating new insights that make startups more competitive.

  • Collaborate and participate in building tools to support operations of Bridges for Enterprise.


Bridges for Enterprise


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