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As an organisation launched and run by students, we believe in channelling our passion for social causes into real world impact whilst gaining valuable skills and experience for career development.

We work with a diverse group of students around the world. Find out more below!

Student Teams

BfE is run by 100+ undergraduates and postgraduates, most of them based in our three BfE Chapters: Cambridge, Singapore and New York. They generally fall into one of the divisions and teams below.

A. Incubation Programme

A.1. Consulting

A.2. Finance Advisory

A.3. Legal Advisory
A.4. Technical Advisory

B. Outreach

B.1. Growth and Partnerships 

B.2. Communications

B.3. Startup Recruitment 

C. Impact Research

C.1. Monitoring and Evaluation

C.2. Entrepreneurship

C.3. Startup Financing 

C.4. Data Analytics

A majority of our student team members contribute to running the incubation programme. Different BfE Chapters work with different entrepreneurs, under schedules that are aligned with their term/semester schedules. Meanwhile, most of the outreach and research work is coordinated at the Cambridge chapter, where BfE was first started.

Above all else, we seek to promote personal growth through creating opportunities for everyone on the team to learn and develop their skills. The aim is that every team member can walk away with a rewarding experience, thrive in the work that they do at BfE, and do it with purpose.


For those who are interested, the application process is a simple online form and short interview. Please note that each BfE Chapter has their own recruiting schedule. More details about vacancies and submitting an application are available on this page.


Once accepted into the BfE Team, members can stay on the team until they graduate: some keep advising more entrepreneurs, while others keep pushing the frontier of BfE's scope of work. Leadership positions (President, VPs, Directors) are handed over in January based on merit, and typically span throughout the calendar year.


Partnerships with other student consultancies

If you are a student consultancy that is hoping to make a positive impact in developing countries, you have come to the right place! By working with us, you will help startups write a professional business proposal and you will advise them on particular strategic areas of their business.


Most startup founders have not been trained in the technical skills that are required to put together a proposal that contains their business model and cash flows. This inhibits their ability to receive funding from financial institutions and investors. Consulting teams will analyse their business model and partner the startups in designing a business proposal that will be made available on the peer-to-peer websites and be used for presentations to investors. As a result, startups become more credible, low risk, and exciting prospects to investors.


You will also be providing the startups with advisory services in an area of their choice. When the startups first register with us, they are asked to choose the most pressing issue that they would like the consultants to address (eg. marketing, supply chain, pricing strategy). Your input will help these startups to expand and increase their social impact.

Please email for more information.


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