BfE Incubation Programme

We work with social enterprise startups from Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions.


By joining our incubation programme, you will have exclusive access to our advisory services, free of charge. We develop the capacity of your business to cope with the various challenges and to attract financial capital.

How it works

The incubation programme consists of three components, all provided on a pro-bono basis by our student teams and professional mentors. Our communication with you will take place remotely - via emails, skype calls, etc. The entire programme typically lasts for 6-12 months.

1 | Consulting engagement

If you are accepted into the incubation programme, we will then match you with the best student consulting team available. We partner with student consulting societies in respected universities from around the world.


The student consultants will listen to your specific needs so that they can develop an Investor Proposal and provide strategic advice on key business areas which you request. This can include advice on marketing, revenue models, supply chains, market competition, and product distribution among others. At the end of the engagement, their findings will be presented in a final online video call.


Each consulting engagement is guided by a professional mentor, who has years of industry experience in consulting, to provide you with direct additional consulting advice as well as to give feedback to student consultants.

2 | Finance advisory engagement

Our in-house Finance Team will first seek to understand your specific funding needs to gain the best possible platform from which to research suitable funding opportunities. This may range from potential investors to grants and crowd-funding options. Regular discussions between our team and your startup ensures that we develop a thorough understanding of the specific challenges you face in order to create optimum solutions together. At the end of the engagement, our team will provide you with concrete recommendations that aim to help your startup discern which sources of funding will be most successful.

Each finance advisory engagement is guided by a finance professional as a mentor. They provide industry experience and insights gained from years of experience.

3 | Legal Advisory Engagement

Our in-house Legal team will respond to your specific questions about legal issues by providing information and simple guidelines for startups. This engagement acts as a starting point in considering legal obligations that young businesses face.

...upon completing the programme

On completion of the BfE Programme, all startup alumni are invited to join the BfE Network.


This is a community of individuals passionate about catalysing social development. Many of the mentors in our Network come from some of the most prestigious firms in the consulting and finance sectors, including: McKinsey & Co, BCG, Blackstone, Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, HSBC and others.


Startup alumni have exclusive access to connect with these mentors and can receive continual support and resources.


How to apply

We have two-three rounds of intake each year.

Because of this high frequency, applications are open all year round and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Apply by submitting an online application form now!

Is my startup suitable?

When recruiting startups to join our programme, we look out for startups that stand to benefit the most from our programme. Some traits that we look out for are:

  1. Social Goal
    The applicant must have a clear and relevant social (or environmental) goal and their product/service should contribute to improving a situation for a specific group of beneficiaries. 

  2. Scalability
    BfE’s objective is to help start-ups to become financially sustainable enterprises with a social goal, hence, we look for at least some financial awareness on the part of the applicant. For example, even if you are not generating any profits yet, we would expect that you have concrete plans for the financial sustainability of your business, which demonstrate sufficient scalability. 

  3. Prototype
    Startups should already have a prototype (in the case of a product) or tested their service and gathered some feedback from potential customers/beneficiaries.

  4. Motivation
    During the interview, we look into the founder(s)’s motivation and enthusiasm which are key in finding a good partner with whom our Consulting divisions can work effectively. They also need to demonstrate their passion for working on the particular social or environmental problem.


Get in touch

If you have any queries or would like to get in touch with us, just leave us a message and one of our team will get back to you. Our recruitment team email is:



From some of the 50+ startups that BfE supported in the past few years.

If you believe in your idea and yourself, apply to BfE. If you get accepted, this means you too are lucky to have consultancy work from this extremely professional and great team! Your success here!




The BfE team is extremely supportive and keen to engage and support the consulting assignment. The consulting team was good. The team was able to work on a broad range of ideas as well as drill down on a few specific ideas.


Patients Engage,


Your team is doing exceptional work. Startups, especially in social sector, require a lot of hand holding and support. By supporting these startups, you are helping them multiply their impact. It is very thoughtful of you to support such initiatives.




I am very impressed with BfE'shelp in managing the engagement, the relationships, and the project. Very professional and thoughtful work. Givo has definitely benefited from the brains of the consulting team, and we are now ready to implement many of these recommendations.​



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