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The "Bridges for Enterprise Network" (BfE Network) is a community of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Members of the network are given opportunities to mentor social enterprise startups in developing countries and assist student teams in delivering the BfE Incubation Programme.


Since being founded in 2015, the BfE Network have attracted numerous professionals from some of the most prestigious firms worldwide, who are now making a tangible impact through these mentorship engagements.


The network also includes past members of BfE and alumni startups that have participated in the BfE programme.

Opportunities to become a mentor

Available for members of the BfE Network

​Incubation Mentorship


Guide a consulting/ finance/ legal advisory engagement within the BfE incubation programme. Work with a student team to support the startup.

Roles of a mentor

  • Guide the direction of the engagement, in which the majority of work will be done by the student team

  • Provide feedback on the findings and strategies developed by student team

  • Give advice directly to the entrepreneur where relevant


Time commitment

  • Engagements typically last 3 months, with start dates and end dates constrained by incubation programme schedule

  • A few email exchanges and/or calls with the student team and the entrepreneur each month

  • Typically 3-5 hours commitment per month

  • Calls are held on weekends in most cases

Suitable for

  • Management/Strategy consultants

  • Finance professionals

  • Legal professionals

Skills-based Mentorship

The mentor has a niche sector knowledge that the entrepreneur can learn from, outside of the BfE incubation programme. No interaction with students.

Roles of a mentor

  • Interact freely with the entrepreneur

  • Leverage knowledge and experience to help the startup succeed


Time Commitment

  • No defined duration

  • Before committing to a longer term conversation, the mentor should speak with the entrepreneur to identify mentorship fit 

Suitable for

  • Professionals with a specific niche

  • Those who have versatile skill sets and do not want to be constrained by the structure under the incubation programme


Why join us?



BfE offers mentors the opportunity to use your unique skill sets to solve social problems (e.g. poverty, health crisis) through empowering social enterprises. Through the support of the BfE Programme, the mobile application startup Gravilog won the “Best Application in Palestine” award by WSA. This stands as a testament to the outstanding impact that mentors can achieve.

Meet like-minded professionals who want to use their talents and experience to have a tangible impact on the world. To date, BfE Network has attracted professional mentors from some of the most prestigious finance firms (Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, HSBC, etc.) and consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG, etc).​


Professionals also gain the experience of mentoring and empowering the next generation. This creates a dynamic community whereby mentors can inspire students to follow their passion for social change.

Let's work together


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Our Mentors 

We are privileged to partner with professional mentors from various organisations. Here are some selected profiles of professional mentors who have successfully mentored our clients (both past and present). Thank you for your valuable contribution! 

Katrin Engelmann

Simon-Kucher & Partners

Minsung Kim

HSBC Global Banking

Jeremy Ang

Innotech Asia Capital

Israr Ahmad


Anthony Tran

PSP Investments

Yujie Tag


Zaryaan Ahmed

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Daniel Rix-Standing

EMK Capital

Anthony Crutchett

CIL Management Consultants

Julius Bruch


William Miller

L.E.K. Consulting

Peter Nulsen

Generate Capital

Fitz Lufkin

Deloitte Global

Alissa Hew

Goldman Sachs

Katrin Scholz-Barth

Katrin Scholz-Barth Consulting

Martha Stokes

Newton Consulting

Grant Miller

Silicon Valley Bank

Wesley Chan

Total Impact Capital

Jeremy Ben Shalom

JBENS Sustainable

Development Entrepreneurship

Paul Liu


Arianna Molino


Kean Ng

STI Financial Group

Songtao Hu

China Telecom Global

Simon Gallow

Ernst & Young

Abby Lyall

Quake Capital Partners

Murtazaali Mavani


Felipe Estrela 

Petrobras SA

Temidayo Adebayo

BAYI Capital Management


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