how we've come to #bridgethegap since 2015

Bridges for Enterprise (BfE) is an international non-profit organization home to a global community of purpose-driven students, professionals and social entrepreneurs that join hands in designing and scaling business ventures that help create a more inclusive and sustainable future.


We share the belief that one of the most effective ways of making a tangible difference in the world is by empowering social entrepreneurs, who create ground-up, locally informed, sustainable solutions that tackle local challenges. Thus we are eager to support social enterprise startups by providing pro-bono consulting, strategic and legal advisory services, allowing these social enterprises to flourish and become agents of enduring social impact.


Since its founding in 2015 by graduates from the University of Cambridge, BfE has since grown into an incorporated non-profit organization with operations across multiple cities worldwide where passionate professionals and students work together to empower social entrepreneurs from developing countries.


We see a world where entrepreneurs, students and professionals can become agents of enduring social impact, regardless of their career aspirations ​


Our mission is to collaboratively design and scale business ventures that help create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

What we do

Our mission is supported by two pillars: the BfE Incubation Programme and the BfE Network.


BfE Incubation Programme

An incubation programme provided free-of-charge to social enterprise startups. The BfE Programme is tailored to help social enterprise startups (1) improve their business model, (2) approach financing opportunities, and (3) understand the legal landscape relevant to their business. The entire programme is offered by our student teams and assisted by mentors who volunteer their time and expert knowledge. The purpose of the BfE Programme to support social enterprise startups in scaling up and becoming investor-ready, so that they can ultimately succeed in creating a measurable impact. Since the establishment of BfE in 2015, we have empowered more than 44 startups in over 18 countries.

BfE Network

A professional network driven to make a positive difference in the world. Professionals in the network receive regular opportunities to mentor startups that participate in the BfE Programme. Such a mentorship role entails providing guidance to the student teams that engage with the startups, as well as directly advising the startups. The primary objective of the BfE Network is to build and foster a professional community that is passionate about contributing to social change. 

As a nonprofit organisation run collaboratively by a group of volunteers, it is our top priority to provide a rewarding experience to everyone who keep BfE running at high standards. Therefore, our model not only creates value for the social entrepreneurs in the BfE Programme, but also for the students and mentors who volunteer to help.


Students who are involved with BfE are given the valuable hands-on experience working with entrepreneurs that are driving real social change in communities across the world. Depending on the nature of the role, students supporting the BfE Programme can acquire relevant skill sets that are highly relevant for corporate careers, especially in consulting, finance and law. It is our hope that through such an experience in BfE, students who go into such careers are able to carry the vision of BfE and inspire others around them.


Professionals who are involved with BfE as mentors can leverage their unique expertise to solve social problems through empowering social enterprise startups that deal with issues such as poverty, health crisis and gender inequality. Another unique benefit for professionals getting involved with us is the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals (students, entrepreneurs and other professionals) who are similarly passionate about making a tangible difference in the world. It is a highly meaningful way of helping others succeed in doing good.

Bridges for Charity

While BfE focuses on supporting social enterprise startups, our sister organisation, ‘Bridges for Charity’ seeks to empower charities by connecting them to pro-bono advisory services that enhance their ability to create change. 

Bridges for Enterprise


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