Ongoing Projects

Ajima Farms



Ajima Farms and General Enterprises Nigeria Limited was launched in 2015. They secured a US$100 000 grant from the United States African Development Foundation Power Africa Off-grid Energy Challenge. This funding was used to initiate the Waste-to-Watt project, deploying biogas renewable technology so as to provide affordable electricity and to power productive activities in the community. Their major beneficiaries are off-grid communities, Riji and Khuwizi, with a population of 1500 people. They target amenities such as schools, health centres and farm clusters in particular in order to enhance quality of life and provide opportunities for the people living in these communities.

Consultant Team: Imperial Consulting Group

In partnership with Smart Villages.

PPS Togo



Project Production Solaire Togo aims to improve the living conditions in ten villages located far from Togo’s electric grid network. They achieve this through selling potable water extracted from borehole wells which are equipped with pumps powered by high-quality photovoltaic cells. These pumps are produced by Lorentz in Germany. The solar generator has a nominal power of 3 to 4 kilowatt-peak per unit of installation. Since 2012, the firm has installed more than 100 water-pumping systems, achieved several successful bids to major organisations and provided technical assistance to the community.


Consultant Team: 180 Degrees Consulting (University College London)

In partnership with Smart Villages.

Biofood Tech Enterprises



Biofood Tech Enterprises has developed a unique and affordable non-dairy probiotic drink (Karangayogo) that confers health benefits to consumers who are lactose intolerant. The startup has enjoyed significant sales since being founded in February 2015, distributing to universities, hospitals and companies. They aim to capture 25% of the market share (over 4.2 million Tanzanians are lactose intolerant). Biofood Tech Enterprises has won several high profile awards in Africa, such as the TANZICT Innovation Fund Award, Exhibition Award at UDSM and has been nominated as a finalist at the Africa Entrepreneurship Award 2015 in Morocco.

Incubator: Cambridge Development Initiative
Consultant Team: Cambridge Consulting Network (London)​

Dream Line Energy



Dream Line Energy aims to solve energy-related problems predominantly in off-grid communities by supplying energy to serve their demands through installations of solar power systems. The generated energy is offered to customers at affordable rates so that many can access their services. This reduces the need for kerosene lamps and dry cells, whilst also eliminating the need to spend time and energy finding charging stations which are always far from customers’ homes. Besides saving consumers’ money and time, Dream Line Energy also reduces environmental pollution, as the energy they supply is clean.


Incubator: Cambridge Development Initiative
Consultant Team: 180 Degrees Consulting (LSE)




Retronix Trading is a private company based in Kigali, Rwanda. They primarily focus on distributing renewable energy products to off-grid communities across Rwanda. To date, founders Hilary and Ronald have procured, installed, and maintained solar power back-up systems to provide a stable, uninterrupted, clean supply of power to their clients. Given these successes, Retronix is looking to expand and standardise its operations and reach a broader and sustainable customer base.


Incubator: Cambridge Development Initiative
Consultant Team: Princeton University

Intellemind Technologies

India enables NGOs to access items they need by connecting them with Donors. Following a stringent on-boarding process, NGOs can post their item requirements. Donors, including individuals and corporations, can buy from E-Commerce platforms and deliver to NGOs. They can also post details of used items that they wish to donate. Only registered NGOs can view these postings. Any NGO who wishes to procure the item can get in touch with the donor directly. sells essential products that are used by people at the base of economic pyramid. These are good quality products at extremely low prices.

Consultant Team: 180 Degrees Consulting (BITS Pilani)


Past Projects


Palestinian Territories

GraviLog comprises of two components: firstly it has created a free healthcare app for pregnant women that tracks and monitors their health during pregnancy as well as providing them with detailed information. Secondly, it has developed an online system for gynaecologists and obstetricians to create and maintain Electronic Medical Record (EMR) The business was based on the conviction that all pregnant women should have the right to own and control their EMR for free. Therefore, GraviLog records important health-related information throughout the entire pregnancy period. Once an account is created, the app creates an EMR, stored in the cloud, that the patient has full control over. All medical information is encrypted such that no one has access to them except authorised doctors. Moreover, the interactive app offers customised guides and pointers according to the patient’s condition and week of pregnancy; it also serves as a direct channel of communication between her and her doctor. Integrating both the app and the EMR enables the doctor to monitor the woman’s overall health as well as that of her foetus.

Consultant Team: New York University




PatientsEngage is an online community building platform which supports patients and family caregivers in the management of chronic conditions. Its vision is to enable patients and caregivers to take charge of their own lives holistically. PatientsEngage has experience in caring for approximately 50 conditions and already has empowered people in over 20 communities. They also help patients who have mental health issues and  developmental challenges as well as working with the Parkinson's Society of India and promoting general wellbeing. PatientsEngage lead their patient engagement initiative with an evidence-based content-driven approach. They continue to add their own content as well as curated content on a daily basis to the site and share it on FB and Twitter.


Consultant Team: Hong Kong University Student Consulting Group


Hong Kong

Givo believes in using tech and social media virality to communicate effectively about social justice in order to empower the humanitarian sector for amplified social impact. Givo is the world's first mobile app that allows users to create customised news-feeds for causes they care about, donate easily, and share via their social networks all from one place. These bitesized news stories make it more convenient to stay up-to-date with causes and inspirational stories from charities. Users can then re-post these news stories through Givo onto Facebook and Twitter, so that their friends and followers can be inspired too.

Consultant Team: Yale-NUS Consulting Group




BempuHealth's mission is to radically improve health outcomes in resource-poor areas by delivering life-saving, affordable medical technologies. We are one of a few agile medical device companies on-the-ground in India with a proven set of experience in both development and commercialisation from concept to market.


Consultant Team: Cognoscere LSE


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